RG Suite Doors

Project Description

RG Section Suite

Traditional subframe pre-hung and assembled.

Toughened glass colour: Green, Grey, Clear or Mirror Blue

The suite is comprised of two main extrusions and companion aluminium and rubber extrusions.

  • Door / window panel
  • Door subframe

Frame colour: Matt Black, White, or any exterior powdercoat colour.

Mounting via bonding the frame into the boat and optional screws through the frame.

Common configurations:

  • Hinged
  • Hinged French
  • Hinged Fold over. First panel (Day door) folds back onto the other panel. Then they both fold open together. The advantage is the fist panel functions as a normal door for easy entry and egress. Or you can open them both to open up the back of the boat.
  • Hinged door pillar-less with hinged up window
  • Hinged Fold over door pillar-less with bifold window
  • Hinged Fold over pillar-less with electric drop window
  • We don’t offer the door section as a traditional bifold. (two panels, Pull the centre hinge to open)

Mitred or Billet CNC radius corners. All welds ground, sanded and not seen after powdercoating.

Only available with Trioving lock set and integral CNC billet lock holder


Project Detail


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