Marine Doors

Project Description

RG Section Suite glazed with Toughened Glass

Glass colour: Green, grey, clear or Mirror Blue

The suite is comprised of two main extrusions and companion aluminium and rubber extrusions.

  • Door Panel
  • Door subframe

Colour Black, White or Silver.

Mounting via bonding the frame into the boat and option screws through the frame.

Common configurations:

  • Hinged
  • Hinged french
  • Hinged bifold
  • Hinged bifold pillar-less with hinged window
  • Hinged bifold pillar-less with bifold window
  • Hinged bifold pillar-less with electric drop window

Mitred or Billet CNC radius corners.

Only available with Trioving lock set and integral CNC billet lock holder

Project Detail


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