Electric Drop Window

Project Description

Fiji Section glazed with Toughened Glass

Glass colour: Green, grey, clear or Mirror Blue

12 volt, 24 volt, 1~2 motors depending on the glass size and weight

Does not come with wiring. Will require up and down limit switches (mounted to the vessel), relays, fuses and wiring.

The product is comprised of one main extrusion and companion aluminium and rubber extrusions.

  • A single Fiji Sliding section with flock sprayed channel

Colour Black, White or Silver.

Mounting via bonding the frame into the boat and option screws through the frame.

Common configurations:

  • Through bulkhead. The ‘legs’ of the drop window are passed through a hole in the bulkhead and the flanged frame creates a fully framed looking window from the outside
  • Inside bulkhead mount, Fixed to the inside face of a bulkhead. i.e. a hole is cut in a bulkhead wall and the window frame is mounted against the inside surface so that only the glass is visible from the outside,
  • Pillar-less on one side. The glass is cantilevered off one side. Can be installed next to a sliding or hinged door so that when the door is open and the window is down there is no pillar between them. This is usually supplied complete with the matching door all in one subframe.


Project Detail


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