Bespoke Door solutions

Project Description

We build a number of bespoke door solutions for series production boat builders.

Door systems in this category are designed in collaboration with the boat yard and usually include novel solutions and design elements.

We supply what ever makes sense to the client.

  • Kit set parts
  • Knocked down door sets
  • Hinged panels
  • Hinged panels with lock systems
  • Window elements
  • Glass panels
  • Assembled hinged glass and stay sets.
  • Assembled drop down glass, tracks and runner sets
  • Complete door systems

Some collaborative systems or individual elements are not available to other clients. It depends on the arrangement with the original client.

We don’t advertise these products as they are generally not resalable.

If you have a novel idea for a door or window and you need a bit of confidential help to make it happen give us a call.


Project Detail


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