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    There are a few main configurations that require different window solutions.

    Small open boats ~ 5m (about 16’)
    * A small wrap around windscreen (Acrylic) with a rubber on the bottom ‘Deck Rubber’ and a ‘Perspex cap’ (a simple bang on “U” extrusion) the top. These simple little windscreens were and still are used on aluminium dingys like the Parker craft and small Fyran. They require angle brackets to mount them to the boat. They can be made detachable by using hooks and staples instead of brackets on the bottom.
    * A small wrap around windscreen (Acrylic) with an aluminium ‘Perspex cap’ on the bottom and the top. As above but a bit stronger. These windscreens can be made with a walk through door. They are mounted by drilling and countersinking the bottom ‘perspex cap’.
    Medium open boats or boats with a small cabin 5m ~ 6m (about 16’ ~ 20’)
    * A wrap around Windscreen (Acrylic) with an aluminium ‘7000 bottom’ on the bottom and ‘7000 top’ on the top. As above but a stronger again. These Windscreens can be made with a walk through door. They are mounted by drilling through the bottom screw track on an angle. This extrusion has a Herzim type rubber infill rubber that covers the screw heads giving a nice clean finish. The top has a slot so you can use 7/8 canopy clips and don’t have to drill through the extrusion to mount canopy snap domes.
    * Premium models in this size can have a Windshield (Toughened glass) instead of a windscreen (Acrylic). The section used for Windshields is called vista. It is larger than the 7000 sections to accommodate a “U” shaped sealing rubber that cushions the glass and insulates it from the glass. It also has a Herzim type screw cover rubber which is a bit bigger than the 7000 type.
    Medium Targa Boat Like a medium open boat. (usually with a cabin) except there is a targa (roof) cantilevered above the cockpit with an arch at the back. 5m ~ 7.5m (about 16’ ~ 25’)
    * Similar to Medium open boat 7000 Windscreens or Vista Windshields except they are usually a little bit taller. The Windscreen doesn’t connect to the targa but there might be a set of “clears” (thin clear plastic “fabric” usually removable) between the windscreen and the Targa. Clears are made by an upholster.
    Medium Hardtop boats 5m ~ 7.5m (about 16’ ~ 25’)
    * A hard top boat has a roof like a targa but unlike a targa the Windows extend up and connect to the targa forming an enclosed cockpit.
    * Curved toughened glass full height front Windshield with vista trim. Comprised of a pair of corners. Some boats require a flat centre panel to get the overall width correct. We usually put Vista bottom on the top reversed so you can screw up into the roof on the inside through the screw track and cover the screws with the infill rubber. Vista hard top corners are set sizes and cannot be altered. Special sizes can be made but certain conditions apply
    * To complement the front curved toughened glass corners a pair of either “Vista fixed” “Fiji section” sliding side windows will be required. These are custom and practically any shape can be attained. 
    * To reduce weight and/or cost curved Acrylic front windows can be made or if just cost is considered then flat glass front windows can be made. These can be framed or unframed.