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    MotorSport Windscreens & Windows



    Sandbrooks have been supplying and fitting glass to race cars for over 40 years. In fact Sandbrook windscreens started out as an Automotive Glass installer based in Papatoetoe.

    Back in the ’70s Sandbrook Windscreens were stationed with a van load of popular windscreens in the in field at the venerable Benson & Hedges 500 at Pukekohe Park Raceway. It was not uncommon for the race cars to pit for Sandbrooks to fit a new windscreen!



    Click here for a brief history of Automotive Windscreens



    Racing Car Windows

    Competition rules regarding glazing are different depending on the type vehicle, type of racing and other considerations.
    There are three areas, (Front, side and rear) and it is not uncommon to have different materials and thicknesses in different areas on the same car.


    Heated Front Windscreens

    Laminated Glass with heated interlay.
    The windscreen is comprised of a thin plastic film (Interlay) with the wires imbedded in it, sandwiched between two pieces of glass.


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    Special note for heated windscreens*
    It is very important that no moisture is able to get into the exposed edge of the laminate.
    If moisture enters the laminate the element will corrode and fail.



    Window Materials


    Physical Properties of various glazing materials.

    Weight Difference between various different glazing materials.

    Typical Material uses by Type and Thickness.

    Cost benefit analysis of various materials.



    Please check the rules of your class and governing body before ordering.

    Road Registered Race cars i.e Rally and Targa.
    Windows for road registered vehicles and RAC (Road Authority Card) must use laminated glass or Mar resistant polycarbonate MR10 for the windscreen and toughened glass or MR10 in order to pass a WOF.
    There are a lot of older competition cars with just acrylic in them. This is not legal but cheap if you can get away with it.

    Circuit Race Cars
    The rules changed 7 August 2015. You can now use thinner material and even acrylic!
    Our opinion is that this new rule allowing 4.5 mm acrylic in a front windscreen of a race car is ridiculous and potentially lethal.    
    We will supply high impact acrylic for those locations but highly recommend at least standard Polycarbonate.  
    This is a change to the motorsport rule but if you have a RAC it is our understanding that you must comply with the older MR10 rule for cars that go on public roads and need a wof. Please read this document from the Motorsports website.

    Drag Cars
    Drag racing has a different set of rules for each class. These are available from your sanctioning body.




    4 mm moulded UV polycarbonate front windscreen, 3 mm UV Polycarbonate moulded door glasses and 3 mm UV Polycarbonate moulded rear hatch glass.